Visit the Marche with a taxi driver

If you arrive by plane in the Marche, by ship or train to reach one of our beautiful places if only for 3 or 4 days, you may need own transport. What better way to travel comfortably having available a driver?

taxi cupramontana

Cupramontana Taxi

So today we introduce you Riccardo, taxi driver par excellence to which I have asked to tell us “his”idea of travel and suggest some interesting place to visit in the area where it works, the Vallesina or the valley where flowing the Esino river . The Esino is a river that comes down from the Apennines and flows into the Adriatic sea after passing through the center of our region. This valley is characterized by hills full of green, cultivated fields and vineyards, with hamlet hidden between mountain ridges, that rise up in the hills and look like castles with fortified walls, dating back to medieval times.




16978000_fiume esino gola della rossa

Esino river – Gola della Rossa










“Do you remember when as children, while your parents were still engaged in the work, you expected impatiently the holidays?

You counted the days that separated from the sea, the mountain and the fun, suspended waiting to meet old friends and to discover new situations, loves, passions did you feel good. So carefree, far from studying, from routine and daily tasks.

Here, I would like to take you with your mind there, in those moments of waiting, full of expectations, any age you could have …

Nicole eremo frati bianchi rid

Eremo Frati bianchi – Cupramontana

Imagine how the protagonists of beautiful stories and travel, creates the prelude to what really will live.

Feeling full of energy, love of life experience to tell and share.

Ultimately [by Travel born Stories] that help to make us who we are.

The holiday starts from the trip.

Make sure that everything goes in the best way is also our duty, for the wellness of the territory and the people who come to visit.

23233627_tramonti maiolatesi cielo incantato

Sunset at The Marche

The Marche are already beautiful: give us stunning sunrises and sunsets, green hills and fairytale landscapes, festivals, history, culture, food and wine in abundance.

Precisely for this love, presence, availability, courtesy in an environment so “rich” should be constant, to make more enjoyable an area that can regenerate itself through tourism.

If you want I can accompany you to know some small gems like the International Museum Label (of wine) which is right in Cupramontana, the country where I live. Cupramontana is known not only for its Verdicchio wine but also for the Hermitage of St. Joseph of the Caves or white friars, for the caves dug into the sandstone, inhabited in the ‘200 by hermits. Or the small Museum of the wine art, in the near Staffolo, another country of medieval origin called castle (one of the characteristic castles of Vallesina, so called because they are surrounded by city walls). Immerse yourself in the naturalistic Ripabianca WWF, close to the town of Jesi, which will amaze you for the presence of migratory birds.

Here you can find a useful Cupramontana guide also in English

But this is just a glimpse of what we could do, such as go to visit the seacoast  Riviera del Conero and the outlet shopping in the footwear district of the southern Marche! All within an hour and a half drive. In short, I will try to realize your desire to experience without excluding anything.

I wait for you! 

Riccardo Pau.”

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