The five senses of a designer

Today I present to you my Marche  friend designer, Andrea Dichiara. On grounds of working lives and works in Asia, but during the holidays back in his homeland, the Marche. I met  to greet him and chat around a recent design project for the kitchen.

Andrea Dichiara

Andrea Dichiara

Andrea  for starters, what it evokes in you each of the 5 senses, when I say “food”.

Hearing | listening to the sound of each ingredient when I touch it, it sounds more or less empty, if it emits noise or cutting it and eating it also emits sounds or “noise”

Taste | the taste is something very personal. I love cooking because I think the principal gift of a food is the taste that can convey.

Tatto | touching an ingredient I try to communicate with him. I speak with it. I close my eyes, I try to understand how I treat it. According I guess how the texture combine it with other ingredients and how to cook it.

Smell | smell food with  eyes closed and listening to the story of his land, which tells me through odors.

View | the color and texture of each ingredient stimulates my creativity to find the best way to transform it into a dish that is eventually not only beautiful, but also respectful  essence of the raw material.

And now tell me how the idea came of the pot WOK DXL. I know your passion and, I may say to myself often sitting at your table, skill and creativity in the kitchen.

One of the things I love the most is the food of Asia. I state that for me, cooking is almost more than a passion. I have many friends chefs around the world … Living in Asia for many years and a lot of traveling for work, I tasted and analyzed many “plates”, different flavors and recipes. One day two years ago with my colleague Korean Lee  Jiyoun lover like me in the kitchen, we decided to design a “wok – pan” The intention was to enclose in the same container cookware functions of three.

presentazione wokFB Both unite the culture of food in the world … from East to West. So was born the WOK DXL. Conceived, designed and produced by me with Jiyoun Lee, my partner of the design firm “2 in Asia.”page_Andrea

DXL is an acronym for “Design for Life” brand of our company self. WOK is made of anodized aluminum (eco-friendly material and light) with ceramic-finally a new technological process. It is equipped with detachable handles colored silicone that act as pot holders. Thanks to the material with it is made and the thicknesses used, during cooking the food quickly reaches the desired temperature and accordingly energy is saved.

Wok DXL "2inAsia" design

Wok DXL “2inAsia” design

Now I  ask  to choose for Original Marche blog,  one of your favorite recipes, of course Marche recipes, we can cook with the wok. Are permissible variations and contamination, since you’re used to traveling, working and eating in many parts of the world.

Stockfish “Zen”

Ingredients for 4 people:

600 gr. Stockfish of Northern Europe (Norway, Finland); Japanese dry sake; Verdicchio wine; Extra Virgin Olive Oil; small potatoes; small carrots; small zucchini; red onion; garlic; ginger; white pepper.

photos via | Katorisi

photos via | Katorisi

Procedure: Wash with water a stockfish. Put in a bowl with half a liter of good  Japanese dry sake for 3 hours.

In the meantime, wash and peel the potatoes, carrots and zucchini. Cut into “julienne” strips everything except for the potatoes was cut in half. “Wash” all the vegetables with Verdicchio wine.Comp_vegetables

Place in a large saucepan half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, the chopped red onion and a clove of garlic with peel. Cook for a few minutes over high heat, remove the garlic and add about 5 or 6 pieces of fresh ginger. 

Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of white pepper and extra virgin olive oil more adding half a glass of Verdicchio and a half of sake not to let it dry. Cover and cook over low/medium heat for an hour and 45 minutes. Lastly, “Serve” and serve.

Here in Italy the serve with toasted bred (bruschetta). When I’m in Asia sometimes I serve it with good withe plain rice (rice cooked in the water in addition to a tablespoon of sake and a sprinkling of wasabi powder).

Good appetite

THANKS: Andrea Dichiara

CREDITS:  “2 in Asia” by Andrea Dichiara & Jiyoun Lee. Designing of furniture, furnishings, objects for technical use. Has furnished some 300 stores for Pret a Porter fashion and bar and restaurant throughout Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and England) and in New York, Egypt and Jordany, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia. They designed and supervised the work on the interior of the new Italian Embassy in Seoul in 2009. It offers a highly professional, which includes knowledge of a wide range of technologies: industrial processing of wood, metal, marble, stone, glass, textiles and plastics. It carries out consultancy Art Direction and Design of product development for various industries worldwide. They designed and make art direction  exhibition in Seoul and Tokyo for F.lli Guzzini and exhibition work shop for Tod’s , I Guzzini Illuminazione, Porro and Living Divani.

PHOTOS: Wok DXL by Andrea Dichiara




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