A couple and Sant’Ippolito’s horses in The Marches.

We have the pleasure to inaugurate in the blog Original Marche,  the series of stories named  as “foreigners in Italy ” to tell stories of strangers that at a point of their life have chosen to move and live in Italy.

Barbara and Eberhard are two German people that  came to Marche for a series of coincidences as if fate had urged them to our lands; actually opportunities coming  from a strong determination and love for nature and horses , that brought so strong that they wrote a paper about equestrian world (an analysis of a part of the world that includes also  unfortunately unscrupulous people who don’t understand anything about horses but use them only to be famous to have a counterpart).

#Barbara and Eberhard just married together in Italy

#Barbara and Eberhard just married together in Italy

They are both journalists and interpreters , and in 1990 they were on their honeymoon near Lake Garda , when while they were reading  a German newspaper they read an sales advert on a country house in The Marches . In fact, until that moment they didn’t know anything about our region , but intrigued by the announcement  with their camper they left Bardolino to the north of Marche. Guided by the agency, they found a small and attractive cheap castle, that hid a sad story. Shocked by this event, they  decided to give up and buy a ruin in Orciano, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. But soon occured some  problems with very long time to restoration’s because the legal practices postponed the works.

In the meantime the agency makes them stay in a ruin for sale in Santo Stefano’s location in the municipality of St. Hippolytus . After few days they understand that this is their place, and that the house has chosen them . Everything leads to the world of horses … the cozy location between the beautiful hills ,the green space surrounding and the origins and meaning of place names … Santo Stefano and Sant’ Ippolito. 

Coat of arms to the municipality of Sant’Ippolito

In Germany and Northern Europe on Boxing Day , 26th December, is used to make a trip on horseback or with horse-drawn sleighs in the snow.

In addition , the order of Santo Stefano’s Knights is a religious chivalrous order founded in 1561 in Florence by Cosimo de ‘ Medici to combat Turkish piracy in the Mediterranean, and participants could be both monks and knights .

The return of the Knights of Santo Stefano - Jacopo Ligozzi

The return of the Knights of Santo Stefano – Jacopo Ligozzi







And also that the name derives from the greek name Hippolytus composed by the roots hippos = horse and lyo= dissolve so it may be “the one that melts the horses ” or “the one who rides fast “

Finally succeed in buying the old farmhouse of Santo Stefano, restore it, packed up their three mares (Westfalians origin), and they went begin  new life in Italy. “So we  decided to create our  own brand, Santo Stefano, Sella Italiano (SI) using the ancient German bloodlines that had proven themselves to be so reliable.”

To date, Barbara and Eberhard have bred over 100 horses under Santo Stefano’s brand, who train up from the age of three years, thanks to the collaboration of some riders , including Javier Guenzi that i thank very much to presented them to me . 

#CORDE, Angela, Barbara e Javier

#CORDE, Angela, Barbara e Javier


“Every foal born at our farm is something special , we are always there for them from the moment of birth which is always a special experience.” They leave the foal with mom for 8 months to become familiar with the people who look after them. Certainly it is a difficult time but they try to be optimistic , saying ” Our stallion Corde Santo Stefano has been given by fate and we want to do our job of breeders in the best way possible . So every day we think … Yes we can ! “

#the stud farm Santo Stefano

#the stud farm Santo Stefano

Parallel with this activity , Barbara and Eberhard are the owners of a company that caters to foreigners who want to buy country houses in Italy, providing a complete consultancy service for every need from the language , the legal and administrative practice, relying on their experience of decades of life in Marche.

To conclude this beautiful story, I want to point out that in Sant’Ippolito for many years at the end of the month of July takes place SCOLPIRE IN PIAZZA, a special event that lasts a week, an artistic residency for sculptors who create works of sandstone projects designed to urban and environmental regeneration in small towns and natural areas in Marche . In fact, since the 14th century, the country is recognized as stonemasons’s country cause there were sandstone quarries. This encouraged the development of numerous workshops which soon became famous for the processing of elements for interior like chimneys, altars, balustrades etc.. and also as outdoor balconies, cornices, portals and emblems.

THANKS: Javier Guenzi, Barbara ed Eberhard Fuchs.

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